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About the Project:

The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP) sets out ‘Access For All’ ambitions for the centre of Bridport. The long-term aspiration is to make it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport in and around the neighbourhood plan area, with the aim of reducing reliance on the car.

To this aim, Dorset Council is currently undertaking an Access and Movement Study and the Town Council (with support from Dorset Council) have commissioned Streets Reimagined and Highgate Transportation to support this work.

In preparation for the project, the team has researched previous studies and community consultations to inform this process. Building on these findings, this web page has been set up to enable local people to feed into the process and help shape the study.

Below is a map where you can highlight issues and ideas. We have also pre-prepared some questions on a number of key locations. Follow the instructions in the box.  The map will be available until 7 May 2021.

The focus of this study is the town centre but the team will also be considering the wider context of the town.

Project phases

Stage 1 – Review Jan – Feb

During this phase, all relevant previous studies and community consultation exercises will be reviewed.

Stage 2 – Research & Analysis March – April

This phase will incorporate spatial and movement analysis.

As part of this, the team will also undertake targeted outreach to a diverse range of user groups to build a picture of the different lived experiences of accessing and moving around the town centre.

There will also be a range of online interactive activities to enable people to undertake their own analysis and contribute ideas, comments etc.

At the end of the phase of work the team will present their findings to the Town Centre Working Group.

Stage 3 – Developing Options April – May

Drawing on all the analysis and research, a number of illustrated options will be developed.

At the end of the phase of work the team will again present their findings to the Town Centre Working Group and the plan will be subsequently submitted to Dorset Council for inclusion in their review of the Local Transport Plan

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