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Asker Meadows Management Plan







Why a new plan?

Asker Meadows is a much loved and much used green space close to the heart of Bridport. The Meadows together with the area known as New Zealand provide much needed green spaces; for wildlife, for a range of community events, for  walkers and their dogs and for a Sustrans route for cyclists. Over the last 5 years the Town Council working with the Asker Meadows Nature Reserve Group have undertaken a number of practical improvements. More activity now needs to be considered and planned for.

Asker Meadows Management Plan 2019 – 2025

During Winter 2019/20 Bridport Town Council working with the Asker Meadows Local Nature Reserve Group undertook a public consultation to find out what residents, walkers and cyclists thought of the area and what improvements they would want to see.

A draft management plan was developed and went out for formal consultation in March/ April 2019.

Following feedback the draft plan was revised and is now available:

The management plan sets out a vision for the site as:

An area rich in wildlife, enjoyed by local people for informal recreation”.

The main objectives of the plan are to:

    • Maintain and enhance the grazing meadows for their wildlife interests.
    • Safeguard wildlife interest along the river corridor, including non- intervention/sanctuary areas.
    • Undertake tree planting and hedge management to provide wildlife interest and structure.
    • Maintain surfaced paths as shared spaces for walkers and cyclists.
    • Run education events to promote awareness and appreciation of wildlife and encourage responsible behaviours.
    • Create seating/ picnic areas to encourage people to enjoy and get to know the area.
  • Manage the Show Field for a select number of community events.

The Management Plan provides a 5 year action plan that will guide future maintenance of the reserve as well as outlining new practical improvements. The Plan will be the basis for grant and funding applications to support practical activities.








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