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Helping Community and Economic Regeneration

Bridport Town Council has been working with local businesses to develop an Investment Plan for Bridport. The plan will form the basis for funding bids to improve the Town Centre and support businesses in the Bridport area to undertake the transition to a net zero future.

The Town Council recognises that a coherent plan developed with widespread stakeholder engagement will put Bridport in a good position to secure the much-needed funding required to support community and economic regeneration.

The investment plan looks to align with the governments levelling up mission to:

  • improve public transport and local connectivity;
  • transform digital connectivity;
  • improve education outcomes;
  • increase the number of adults who complete high quality skills training.

The Bridport Investment Plan is written as a high-level document to identify project priorities. The plan focusses on projects that, by virtue of their scale and complexity, the Town Council and its partners can realistically deliver or oversee. The individual projects will, in due course, require partners to produce detailed delivery plans underpinned with financial information as well as funding bids as necessary.

The final Bridport Investment Plan is now available.

Collaboration and partnership working between local stakeholders will be critical to the successful delivery of the investment plan. The individual projects will, in due course, require partners to produce detailed delivery plans underpinned with financial information as well as funding bids as necessary.

Any comments on the Investment Plan or offers to be involved in project delivery, contact: [email protected]

Feedback from Investment Plan consultation

Investing in Skills for the Future

Bridport Learning Hub

“Young people in seaside towns are being let down and left behind by poor standards in existing provision, limited access to educational institutions and a lack of employment opportunities, resulting in low levels of aspiration. Partnership work between schools, FE and HE institutions, and local business and industry will be vital in helping to create career paths, improve local skills levels and boost local economies.”

HOUSE OF LORDS Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities HL Paper 320 Report of Session 2017–19 The future of seaside towns.

Investing in Skills For The Future







Bridport Town Council has today published the final report from a six-month research and development project that explored the need for investment in skills for the future. The final report sets out a detailed proposition for a ‘learning hub’ in Bridport, whose aim is to encourage and enable people of all ages in the local area to find the training or education that’s right for them. It also outlines a vision for a specialist college that could be developed for Bridport.

This final report:

• Communicates the idea to all interested parties,
• Sets out the resources required as well as the expected return on investment for those who might support or fund the Hub,
• Gathers together in one place the detail required for those carrying forward the development of the Learners hub.

A consortia of Bridport businesses will be coming together over the autumn to work with Dorset Council and regional training providers to secure funding to pilot the Bridport Learners hub and support development of specialist skills in the area.

Bridport Town Council wishes to thank the Design Exchange Partnership for the funding to research and design the Bridport Learners Hub and to the UAL Research Team that worked on the project.

Download the Learners Hub final report

For more information contact: [email protected]


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