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In addition to the delivery of its core services, key ongoing projects for the Town Council include:

  • Access and Movement Study
  • Askers Meadows Managment Plan
  • Bridport Area Census Profile
  • Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan
  • Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan Evidence
  • Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan Joint Councils Committee
  • Bridport Area Tree Plan
  • Bridport Local Area Partnership
  • Bridport Sculpture Trail
  • Bridport Town Centre Health Check Survey 2023
  • Bridport Town Council Five-Year Plan 2019-2024
  • Bridport Town Council 2018-2019 in pictures
  • Bridport Youth and Community Centre
  • Climate Emergency Action Plan
  • Coastal Community Team
  • Energy Champions Initiative
  • Foundry Lea Reserved Matters Application
  • Green Spaces Project
  • Homes for Ukraine
  • Investment Plan
  • Jellyfields and Bothenhampton Nature Reserve
  • NHS Dentistry in Bridport
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Open Spaces, Play Areas and Verge Maintenance
  • Plottingham
  • Raise The Roof Project
  • Riverside Gardens – A New Management Plan 2019 – 2024
  • Streetscape and Heritage Interpretation Study
  • Transparency Code Information
  • Warm Hubs

More information on these and other longer term projects will be in the new Town Plan.  Information on Town Council services can be seen under Services We Provide.

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