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The Bridport Town Council 5-Year Plan 2019-2024 seeks to:

  • prioritise the work of the Town Council,
  • act as a “corporate plan” to set out what projects the Town Council will deliver, in addition to its ongoing service delivery,
  • assist with annual budget setting and enable long term financial planning.

The Bridport Town Council Five-Year Plan 2019-2024  is a working document and the projects/actions within the Plan will be regularly reviewed.

Consulting on the Town Plan 2019-2024

Bridport Town Council is consulting the community on the new 5 Year Town Plan. The Town Council agreed to produce a 5 year plan in order to:

Promote transparency – being clear what the Town Council priorities are and what actions will be delivered over the plan period 2019 to 2024,

  • Set the functions of the Town Council in a strategic context – area/county/national/international,
  • Provide a basis for securing funding – whether through the local precept, revenue generation or funding bids,
  • Co-ordinate the Town Council’s work with others, and generate productive collaboration with partners,
  • Provide the basis for oversight by councillors and others, and
  • Ensure best value.
The deadline for receipt of comments is March 29th 2020.


Please use the online survey link below to provide comments on the Draft 5 Year Town Plan 2019-2024:




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