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Bridport Town Council

Bridport 2024

The Town Council submitted a bid to the Arts Development Company in October 2023 to be the inaugural Dorset Town of Culture (ToC). On February 15th 2024 ADC announced that Bridport would indeed be the pilot for the Dorset Town of Culture initiative in 2024.

The Town Council is excited to accept this accolade and with support from the town’s creative organisations and groups, we will be developing ideas and funding to run an vibrant and inclusive programme of arts and cultural activities between July and December 2024. The programme will be badged as Bridport 2024.

The TOC proposal flows from the Bridport Investment Plan and is part of our ambition to embed young people into the future resilience of the town’s arts and cultural activities through co-curation/co-programming and event project management. Longer term, our focus on equipping young people with the skills and confidence to run arts and cultural activities aims to offer resilience to the creative energy of our ‘Eventful Town’.

Skills training and mentoring programmes delivered by the town’s arts and cultural groups will be celebrated through youth-led performances, festivals and exhibitions that will make up the bulk of the new works commissioned for Bridport 2024.

The delivery of Bridport 2024 will be led by Bridport Arts Centre. A Bridport 2024 Advisory Group will be established as a mechanism for offers of creative input to the development and delivery of the Bridport 2024 programme. Dates for the first three Bridport 2024 Advisory Group meetings are:

  • March 6th 2024
  • April 3rd 2024
  • May 1st 2024

Advisory Group meetings are open to everyone interested in the arts and cultural offer of the town. Meetings will be held in the WI Hall, North Street starting at 18.00.

Notes from Advisory Group Meeting on 6th March.

Notes from Advisory Group Meeting on 3rd April

Exploring the meaning of ‘culture’ in Bridport during Advisory Group Meeting 2

Advisory Group notes and actions will be reported into the Councils Environment and Social Wellbeing Committee.

County of Culture is an initiative created by Arts Development Company.

Bridport 2024 is funded by Dorset Council with match funding provided by Bridport Town Council.

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