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Dates of Meetings, Agendas and Minutes of the various committees for the Civic Year are found in this section. All meetings are open to the Press and Public.

Minutes in other formats (i.e. large print, Braille, voice recorded) are available on request.

Best Value and Scrutiny Sub Committee

The purpose of the Sub Committee is to keep under review the corporate governance of the Town Council, including audit arrangements and to scrutinise the performance of the Town Council in this area and in the delivery of its services.  The Sub Committee reports to the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Full Council

The Full Council Committee receives reports from the various committees.

Environment and Social Wellbeing Committee (9 members)

The purpose of the Environment & Social Wellbeing Committee is to protect and enhance the town’s natural and built environment, to provide a pleasant environment for residents and visitors, and to promote the adequate provision of housing, health & environmental services & related facilities, as well as exercising our influence to support reducing crime and disorder.

Finance and General Purposes Committee (9 members)

This Committee has delegated power to decide all matters required to be determined by members (including all policy, personnel and financial matters) except those issues within the remit of the Planning Committee, the Environment & Social Wellbeing Committee, the Neighbourhood Plan Joint Councils Committee, and those matters which are reserved for decision by the Full Council.

Planning Committee
(9 members)

The Committee has delegated power to make observations to the Local Planning Authority on planning applications and like matters.  The Committee also considers proposals for traffic regulation and associated highways issues.

Neighbourhood Plan Local Council Joint Committee (1 member plus 1 reserve)

The Joint Committee, of all councils participating in the Neighbourhood Plan, has overall responsibility for the delivery, monitoring and review of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan.

Climate Action Sub Committee

The Sub Committee’s remit is to deliver the Town Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan, and it reports to the Environment & Social Wellbeing Committee.

Bridport Communities Trust Management Committee (8 members comprising 3 town councillors and 5 representatives of stakeholder bodies)

The purpose of the Bridport Communities Trust is to oversee the day to day running of Trust Property.  It reports to the Full Council, acting in its capacity as sole trustee to the Bridport Communities Trust.

Highways and Transportation Sub Committee

The sub-committee was discontinued in 2016.

Market and Business Liaison Sub Committee

The sub-committee was discontinued in 2016.

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