Bridport Parish Wards - North and South

Bridport Town Council is the parish authority for the town of Bridport. The Town Council provides a large number of services in its area and also represents the town on all matters affecting Bridport and West Bay. The Parish is divided into two Wards, North and South. Each ward is represented by 9 Councillors. The population of the parish area is approximately 7,300.

Town Council Elections are held every four years, the last being in May 2015.

The Town Council operates from the Council Offices at Mountfield, where regular committee and sub committee meetings take place. The Town Clerk, (the Proper Officer) and council staff carry out the work as directed by the meetings of the Town Council.

How we are funded

A precept is set annually by Bridport Town Council being the “local” tax paid by the parishioners. which is collected through the Council Tax by West Dorset District Council.  The Town Council also receives incomes from management of the market, fees for services and property rental.

Other Local Authorities

Dorset County Council with main responsibilities for Education, Social Services, Highways, Fire and Rescue, Police, Libraries and county wide Strategic Planning.

West Dorset District Council with main responsibilities of the Planning Process and Development Control, Environmental Health, Environmental Services, Economic Development, Community Partnerships and Tourism and Leisure.