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Ownership of Jellyfields and Bothenhampton Nature Reserve will soon transfer from Dorset Council to Bridport Town Council.

The Town Council working with Botehnhampton & Walditch Parish Council, is looking to produce new management plans for the sites to define and prioritise practical action to enhance the area for wildlife as well as promoting quiet enjoyment.

How will the new management plan be developed?

Community consultation is essential to gathering information about what currently works well and what ideas for improvements need to be considered in developing new management plans for the next ten years.

Over the next five months the Town Council will be consulting the wider community to gather information and draft plans for public consideration.

The first phase of consultation started in May, with distribution of postcards asking residents and site users what they like best about the site and what issues need to be addressed.

Consultation on New Management Plans

Final draft management plans are available below for both Jellyfields and Bothenhampton Nature Reserve.  The plans will be approved by both Bridport Town Council and Bothenhampton & Walditch Parish Council in November 2020.  Once Dorset Council officially transfer the two sites to the Town Council management plan actions can begin.

Further information

Contact for further information:
Project Manager, Bridport Town Council

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