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The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan referendum was held on Thursday 27 February 2020.  The outcome of the referendum was positive with 87% voting in favour of the Plan from a turnout of 17.5%.

The Plan was officially ‘made’ by Dorset Council at their Cabinet meeting on May 5th 2020 and will now be used in full, as part of the Development Framework, to determine planning applications in the Bridport Area.


Examiner’s Report

Independent Examiner’s Report of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan

Submission Documents

The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by all participating councils: Bridport Town Council, Allington, Bradpole, Bothenhampton & Walditch, and Symondsbury Parish Councils, on behalf of those who live and work within the designated area.  A Joint Councils Committee has overseen the research and development of the neighbourhood plan.

Community Steering Group — Many community volunteers have given their time, energy and knowledge to the development of this plan, especially those involved in the Community Steering Group and the theme Working Groups set up to help research and develop policies contained in this Referendum version of the neighbourhood plan.

Bridport Town Council and all the parishes wish to extend grateful thanks to all the volunteers and employees for the time and commitment given to complete this neighbourhood plan.

The qualifying body has received technical support during the preparation of the plan from Feria Urbanism and Locality’s appointed consultants AECOM and Intelligent Plans.

Monitoring and Review Process

The delivery, monitoring and review of the neighbourhood plan will be overseen by a Joint Councils Committee (JCC), supported by a Steering Group reporting to the JCC. The JCC will, as at present, be the formal decision-making body with a particular role in securing funding for and supporting projects that deliver the objectives and policies set out in the neighbourhood plan.

Support for the JCC and other meetings will be provided by the Bridport Town Clerk (as clerk to the JCC) and the Bridport Town Council Project Manager (providing project support).

Terms of reference for the JCC and the Steering Group have been produced, reflecting these arrangements in more detail.

Monitoring Reports by Year

Further information

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