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This document presents a selection of findings for parishes in the BLAP area based on recently released information from the 2021 population Census.  They show (or confirm) that, relative to the national picture, the BLAP area has:

  • A high proportion of residents from older age groups (aged 65 plus) and a low proportion of young adults (aged 20 to 34);
  • A low proportion of adults in employment (probably explained by retirees);
  • A high proportion of those in employment who work part-time;
  • A high proportion of adults qualified to degree level and a low proportion with no formal qualifications;
  • A high proportion of households that own their home outright (with no mortgage);
  • A low proportion of households living either in private or social rented housing;
  • A high proportion of households that own a car or have access to a car;
  • A fairly high level of residents with a limiting disability or long-term health issue;
  • A fairly high level of residents who provide regular unpaid care for someone else.

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