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10Jun 21

Mountfield – abuzz with activity once again.

Mountfield House is the iconic building which stands above Millenium Green and is the location of the offices of Bridport Town Council. The site of Mountfield formed part of the estate of William Downe, a textile merchant. In 1786 he purchased land stretching north from Rax Lane to Coneygar Hill.…

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01Jun 21

A Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

A Bank Holiday weekend and the sun is shining. What more could we ask for after such a long period of doom, cooped up inside? There is nothing like some clear blue skies and warm sunshine to lift the spirits, and that is exactly why people are heading our way…

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23May 21

On being Mayor of Bridport

A little over 12 months ago I was elected Mayor of Bridport and a few days ago I was re-elected to serve as your Mayor for another year. It goes without saying that I am deeply honoured to be able to serve our wonderful town once again. Throughout my term…

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10May 21

Bridport – the future of local shopping has arrived.

On July 5th 1994 Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie opened an online bookstore in Seattle. Because of the city's reputation as a tech hub and Washington states small population it meant that they would not have to charge sales taxes to most of their customer base. Bezos financed the…

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28Apr 21

Bridport’s Street Market

Bridport’s street market is one of the jewels that contribute to making our town so special. The market you see today has a long history. In 1253, King Henry III granted a charter to Bridport and since then the Market has been in operation almost continually. In Saxon times “port”…

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