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Providing a wide range of services and representing the town on all matters affecting Bridport and West Bay.

Community Governance Review

Please click here to view the leaflet regarding the Community Governance Review. Or click here to find out how to become a Councillor.

Energy Advice at Bridport Citizens Advice

For more information, please follow this link.

(Town Council Meetings)

Calendar of Meetings 2023-2024

All meetings are held at Mountfield, Rax Lane, Bridport DT6 3JP except where shown otherwise. See Committee Meetings for all Agendas and Minutes.  Agendas for forthcoming meetings will be published at least 5 days before the meeting.

Forthcoming Meetings

  • Neighbourhood Plan Joint Council Committee: 30 November: Agenda / Minutes
  • Planning Committee: 04 December: Agenda / Minutes
  • Best Value & Scrutiny Sub Committee: 05 December: Agenda / Minutes

Recent Meetings

  • Full Council: 21 November: Agenda / Minutes
  • Planning Committee: 06 November: Agenda / Minutes
  • Environment and Social Wellbeing Committee: 08 November: AgendaMinutes
  • Finance and General Purposes Committee: 13 November: Agenda / Minutes
  • Bridport Communities Trust Management Committee: 26 October: Agenda / Minutes
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