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Bridport Town Council – Bridport Area Tree Plan


There is growing public recognition of and enthusiasm for tree planting as a tangible response to the climate and ecological crisis. Trees can certainly help us towards net zero, but the right trees in the right place can do so much more than that. There is only so much tree planting we can do across the UK to address carbon emissions , so it’s crucial that we also recognise the benefits of trees and woodlands offer to people and the economy.

As a nation we produce less food than we eat, and far less timber than we use. In fact we import about 80% of our timber. The Forestry Commission thinks we should be using more timber, not less. Timber used in construction locks up carbon for the life of the building, and is far better from an emissions perspective than concrete or other materials.

We should be planting well-designed, diverse woodlands, rich in wildlife and right for the soil and the landscape in each different place. If we are to do this in sustainable ways we need to know about; important habitats that need to be protected and restored, rewilding opportunities and where trees can help with flooding and air quality issues.

A Tree Plan for the Bridport Area

Working with the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) This projects sets out to celebrate the importance of trees and woodland to the special qualities of the Dorset AONB whilst also responding to the Landscapes for Life ‘Colchester Declaration’ that commits to at least 36,000 ha of new woodland being planted or allowed to regenerate in AONBs. The Tree Plan is essential if we are to follow the principle of the right tree in the right place and ensure that our local economy will have a timber resource to draw on in the future.

A defined action in the Bridport Town Council Climate Action plan the Tree Plan will involve desk top surveys of geology, soils, flooding, air quality and ecological networks to help identify areas that are and are not suitable for new woodlands/ tree planting. It is hoped that the Tree Plan will provide landowners, councils and voluntary groups with indications of the best places to plant trees to provide a range of public goods. Areas where appropriate tree planting will deliver multiple benefits, including carbon sequestration, flood alleviation, biodiversity and a future timber resource.

Proposed Area for the Tree Plan

The area to be covered by the Bridport Tree Plan will include the Landscape Character Areas surrounding Bridport, including; the Brit Valley, Marshwood Vale and Bride Valley.

The Bridport Tree Plan is a pilot project that may be extended to cover the whole of the Dorset AONB in groups of LCAs.

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