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Riverside Gardens Management Plan 2020-2025

Revised Management Plan

Many thanks to all those who commented on the new management plan for Riverside Gardens.

The revised management plan which will be discussed and agreed by Town Councillors in March 2020.




Why a new plan?

Riverside Gardens is a valuable green space close to the heart of Bridport. The Gardens provide riverside paths and green space enjoyed by walkers and their dogs as well as cyclists. The Town Council has committed to review the management of all their green spaces and to take practical action to improve areas for bothwildlife and carbon storage/ sequestration.

How will the new management plan be developed?

It is important that the future management of Riverside Gardens respects the interests of local residents, wildlife and those who currently enjoy the space. A consultation phase is essential to gathering information about what currently works well and what ideas for improvements should be considered in developing a management plan for the next five years. Over the next three months the Town Council will be working with local residents and the wider community to produce a new management plan for Riverside Gardens.

What When How
Collecting information about current uses and ideas for improvements November to December 2019 Postcard/ website and emails

An open site meeting 11.00 am December 17th 2019

A draft plan for community consultation January to February 2020 Document available online and on local display
Final Plan adopted by Town Council March 2020 Document and summary published online



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