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Why a Health Check is needed?

Health Checks are a means of assessing the vitality, viability, resilience and performance of town centres over time. The results from health check exercises will be used to formulate strategies for improvements and inform policy documents.

The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan recognises that the retail and cultural offer of the Centre of Bridport is a critical element for the future viability of the local economy as well as underpinning the quality of life for residents. The neighbourhood plan includes a project to undertake regular health checks of the commercial offer provided by the Centre of Bridport.  The data being used to inform development proposals and build a robust evidence base for future reviews of the local and neighbourhood plans.

2023 Survey

Pedestrian and car park surveys will take place in the Town Centre and West Bay on 6 dates across July – October 2023. A survey of services and products available in the Town centre will be conducted on July 26th 2023.

Alongside surveys we have two online questionnaires to collect feedback about Bridport from town retailers and from resident and visitors.

The online questionnaires will be open throughout the summer and will close on 17th October 2023.

All fully completed survey forms submitted by the 17th October 2023 will be entered into a prize draw with a range of 3 prizes on offer provided by Bridport Tourist Information Centre.

Previous Health Check data

Data collected between July and October 2021:

The Town Centre Health Check Survey 2019

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