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Foundry Lea indicative mapBridport Town Council has submitted its response to the reserved matters planning application for the Foundry Lea (formerly Vearse Farm) development.  The application, which deals with the housing and highways aspects of the development was submitted by the developers in December 2021.

We want the local community to be able to understand the application and respond to a consultation that Dorset Council has launched.  The deadline for comments is 17 January 2022 so there’s not much time.

We want to share our thoughts to help residents and local organisations in thinking about their own responses, and we hope these two documents will help:

  1. Our video summary of the application and the main issues we’ve found; and
  2. Our more detailed draft comments on the application [UPDATED FROM DRAFT AND SUBMITTED 14 JANUARY 2022]

The full documentation for the application can be found on Dorset Council’s planning portal.  Click here to view the application (after clicking, you will need to accept the conditions before being redirected to the application).

The Town Council will continue to liaise with the developers and other local stakeholders via the working group we set up in 2020.  The Council is very grateful for the constructive way the developers have engaged through this group, providing us with information, listening to our views, and involving us in the development process.

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