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The Government’s planning guidance (para 040) states that: “there is no ‘tick box’ list of evidence required for neighbourhood planning. Proportionate, robust evidence should support the choices made and the approach taken. The evidence should be drawn upon to explain succinctly the intention and rationale of the policies in the draft neighbourhood plan…”

The planning policies in the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan are based on robust evidence and analysis of the key issues facing Bridport and surrounding parishes in 2018 as well as an understanding of issues may change in the future.

A robust evidence base underpins the policy choices set out in the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan, ensuring that the plan is backed up by facts and has been informed by the participation of the local community and others with an interest in the area.

Evidence can be:

  • Quantitative – Statistics, data, facts and figures.
  • Qualitative – Participatory evidence.

Community consultation and engagement has been an essential part of developing the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan and the views of our community have been sought throughout the process of developing the neighbourhood plan. Below we set out the evidence base that has been drawn upon in the production of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031.

Technical Support and Evidence Base Development

Report from AECOM Jan 2019

A Resilient Neighbourhood

Climate Change Act 2008 Part 1 Schedule 1. Committee on Climate Change; ‘Next Steps for UK Heat Policy’
Executive summary pages 7 – 14. Committee on Climate Change, ‘The Fifth Carbon Budget’
Modern Building Services Journal, ‘The energy-efficiency year that was … and then wasn’t’, Vol .13 No 1 May 2016
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Section 19 of the T&CP Act 2004 (as amended 2008). The revised version of the NPPF due to come into force in January 2019. West Dorset Weymouth Portland Local Plan page 51 policy ENV13. West Dorset District Council department of Building Control. Vision and Objectives Consultation Summary, October 2015
Public responses to the Reg 14 consultation. Ministerial statement HCWS 488
TCPA/ RTPI ‘Planning for Climate Change, A Guide for Local Authorities
The Brighton and Hove City Plan adopted on 24th March 2016
The Merton Rule
The East Devon Local Plan adopted on 28 January 2016
The Ipswich Local Plan adopted in February 2017
The London Plan Policy SI2 targeting zero carbon
The SAP methodology summarised in section 16 and detailed in Appendix L of the official calculation method for SAP / Part L calculations
Bath & North East Somerset Placemaking Plan adopted in 2017

Report on the examination of the CIL charging schedules. Formerly available at:  document 207348, but no longer available.

Rightmove property prices
Building Cost Indices
Costs of building to the code for Sustainable Homes Element Energy
The cost of meeting the zero carbon standard, Zero Carbon Hub:/Sweet Group
Climate Change Working Group Policy proposals for energy performance of new buildings

A Thriving Society

Economic Profile of the Local Economy, BANP Economy Working Group (2016)

West Dorset Economy and Labour Market Profile, Dorset County Council (2013)

Survey of Trading Estates and Main Employment Sites, BANP Economy Working Group (2016)

Employment and Land Review for West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland – Western Area Appendix, West Dorset District Council and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council (2013)

Survey of Trading Estates and Main Employment Sites, BANP Economy Working Group (2016) Repeat

Enterprise St Michael’s Small Businesses Job Count Survey, Enterprise St Michael’s (2016)

Bridport and West Bay Economic Plan, Coastal Community Team (2016)

Economic Profile of the Local Economy, BANP Economy Working Group (2016) Repeat

Bridport and West Bay Economic Plan, Coastal Community Team (2016) Repeat Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan 2016 community consultations

Evidence sources drawn on include:

AECOM LifeStage_modelling
AECOM Specialist housing for older people_Bridport
NP Area Housing Register entries 2017-19
Population, Bedrooms, Tenure NP Area
WDDC Draft Indicative Housing No BANP

Life cycle modelling (AECOM 2019)

BANP Housing Needs Assessment (March 2019)
Neighbourhood Plan Area Housing Register entries 2017-19
Bridport Area Population, Bedrooms, Tenure Calculations
West Dorset District Council Draft Indicative Housing Figure for Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan
Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan 2016 community consultations

Housing Policies

Bridport Local Area Partnership

BLAP Affordable Housing Recommendations
BLAP-BADT Affordable Housing
BLAP Community Plan – 2011-2014
Challenges and Opportunities BLAP Housing Briefing No. 2
Local Needs Housing Briefing July 2015 Draft
Building for Life
A Social Economic Profile of Bridport
Cambridge University Evidence Base Appendices
Cambridge University Evidence Base For Housing Assessments
Citizens Advice Bureau A Place to Call Home 2014


Why Housing Targets Based on Flawed Numbers Threaten Our Countryside
A Review of Objectively Assessed Needs in England

Dorset County Council

Area Profile For Bridport 2019-03
Bridport Acorn Profile
DCC Empty Property Data
DCC Property Change Reasons
Dorset Data Book
Dorset Population Stats
Housing Completions
Populations, Bedrooms, Tenure NP Area
State of Dorset 2013
State of Dorset 2018
West Dorset Economy and Labour Market

Ministry For Housing Communities and Local Government

A New Deal For Social Housing
Fixing Our Broken Housing Market
Household Projections 2014 – 2039
Housing Needs Consultation Data
NPPF 2012
NPPF 2018
NPPG 2012
NPPG 2018 Housing Need
NPPG 2018 Oct 2018 Consultation
Planning For Homes Consultation
Shared Ownership Prospectus
Sitra Housing
Starting Homes Regulation Technical Consultation
Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning
Wellbeing and Housing


ASTP-Release Tables-Sept-2017
ASTP-Release Tables-Sept-2018
Stamp Duty 2016-2018 DT6 area


Bridport 3 yr Home Sales Nov 2012-15
Bridport Area Employee and Employer Housing Survey
Builder and Development Survey CG Fry Results
Builder & Developer Survey Results v1
Builder & Developer Survey Results v2
Builder & Developer Survey
CIPA Briefing 2017 Housing White Paper
Controlling Type & Tenure
Employee & Employer Housing Survey Results
Estate Agent Survey Results
Estate Agents Survey 2016
February 2016 Employee & Employer Survey
Find Out The Truth About Shared Ownership
Home Rent Price Data 2014-2016
House Building Completions and Commitment
Housing and Health for HNA
Housing Assns WDDC Jan 16

National Housing Federation

Buy As You Go Report
Economics of Housing and Health
Home Truths South West 2014-2015


2016 SNPP Population Change By Age
Annual Earnings, West Dorset ASHE8
Home Size By Age And Tenure UK 2011 CTO802
NP Area household composition 2011 LC4101EW
NP Area lower-quartile house prices & rents 2018
ONS 2011Census Glossary
ONS Household Projections 2016 based
ONS population change reasons 2016-41 Table 5
ONS population projection 2016-41 Table 2
ONS ratio house price to earnings 1997-2017
ONS taxes, benefits, income 2016-17
ONS W.Dorset Households 2016-41 Tables 406,420
ONS W.Dorset no.of households 2016-41
ONS W.Dorset population change by age 2000-17
ONS W.Dorset Property size by age CT0621
Population change by 20-yr age band 2016-17
Second homes Bridport Area 1991-2011
W.Dorset Household composition 2011 LC1109EW
W.Dorset Household composition 2011 LC4101EW

Other NPs

Buckland Newton consultation draft v8 May 2015
Chapel-en-le-Frith NP Referendum version
Frome NP Final Submission
Loders NP draft v6 Jun15 150628 submission draft
Puddletown HNA
Shillingstone Housing Needs Report
St Ives Area final
St Ives Area NP submission draft
Sturminster Newton HNA draft 150915
Thame Neighbourhood Plan – March 2013
Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan 2012_15
Winsford Neighbourhood Plan
Winslow June 2014
Woodcote NP Referendum Version 1 4inslow June 2014
Planning Advisory Service – PASNP
Rowntree – Mixed Tenure Housing Developments
RTPI – Deliverability of Housing SW England

Rural Services Network

Average Earnings Resident Workplace 2012 Analysis vs1.9 Tested
House Prices vs2
Note – Rural Services Network
West Dorset Accommodation Type
West Dorset Age Structure
West Dorset car van availability
West Dorset Economic Activity
West Dorset household composition
West Dorset Occupation
West Dorset Qualifications Students
West Dorset tenure
Smith Institute – Local Housing Community Living
Town & Country Planning Association – Your Place Your Plan Guide

West Dorset District Council

2017 LP Review Affordable Housing – Background Paper
2018 Local Plan review housing need evidence
2018 LP Review – Appx1 Preferred Options
2018 LP Review – Sustainability Preferred Options
20160119 – Housing 2014-15 – Completions and Commitment
Brownfield Site Register Dec.2017
Employment Density Guide 3rd edition
HJ Meeting 2017-01-30 (amended 13 Feb 17)
Housing Reg. data Jan 2018
Housing Strategy 2014-19
NP Area Housing Register entries 2017-19
Paul Derrien (2) QA’s final replies
SHMA Appendix A-E
SHMA part 1 July 2014
SHMA part 2 July 2014
Validation checklist wdwp
WDDC Draft Indicative Housing No BANP
WDDC Housing Association data Jan 2016
WDDC Proportional housing No 9-Nov-18
WDWP 5yr housing-land-supply-2017-18
WDWP annual monitoring report 2016-17
WDWP Local Plan 2015
WDWP Local Plan Presentation
West Dorset Sites
ONS West Dorset Population Projections 2016-41
Land Use and Site Assessment Report

A Unique Place


Evidence sources include:

Historic Towns Survey Report – Bridport (Dorset County Council 2008)
Locally Valued Non Designated Heritage Assets List
National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012, updated July 2018)

Dorset AONB Landscape Character Assessment (2008).

Local Green Space Designation Assessment Process

Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan 2016 community consultations

Assessment of areas within the 5 parishes for Local Green Space Designation. Produced by the BANP Environment and Heritage Working Group (2017).

Landscape Character and Setting. Produced by the BANP Environment and Heritage Working Party (2016).

Allington Parish Plan (2016).

Symondsbury Parish Plan (2008).

Bradpole Parish Plan (2011).

Bothenhampton Village Design Statement and Village Plan (undated).

Walditch Design Statement and Parish Plan (undated).

Bridport Historic Character Report. (undated).

Conservation Area Appraisals:

  • Bridport (2010)
  • West Bay (2013)
  • Bothenhampton (2008)
  • Bradpole (2007)
  • Symondsbury (2007)

Evidence sources drawn on include:

Bridport Town Centre Shops Survey, BANP Economy Working Group (2016)

Bridport Town Centre: Analysis of Unit Floorspace, BANP Economy Working Group (2018)

Bridport and West Bay Economic Plan, Coastal Community Team (2016) Repeat

Frome Town Centre Remodelling, Frome Town Council (2014)

Town Centre Car Parks Survey, BANP Economy Working Group (2017)

Joint Retail and Commercial Leisure Study – 2018, Carter Jonas for West Dorset District Council et al (2018)

West Dorset – Changes in Retail Floorspace and Rateable Value 2010-17, Greenhaulgh P, R3 Intelligence at Northumbria University (2018)

‘Happiest towns’ list, The Times (2015)

‘Best place to live’ guide, The Sunday Times (2016)

Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan 2016 community consultations

Regulation 14 Consultation – Online Comments Received

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