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Bridport Town Council Election Results 2 May 2019

The results of the 2 May 2019 elections for the two Bridport Town Council wards are shown below.  Eighteen councillors were elected in total and will serve a five-year term until 2024.

Bridport North:

391 Rose ALLWORK (Elected)Labour Party
405  Sarah CARNEY (Elected)Labour Party
356Ronald William COATSWORTH Conservative Party Candidate
264Keith Allan DAY
374Janet Diane FLETCHER Labour Party
287John Ernest HARRISON Conservative Party Candidate
675 Julian Stephen Langton JONES (Elected) Green Party
714 Ros KAYES (Elected) Green Party
519 Gill MASSEY (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
385Bill MELLISH Labour Party
382Richard Howard NICHOLLS Labour Party
474  Maggie RAY (Elected)Liberal Democrat Focus Team
522 Martin RAY (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
566 Anne RICKARD (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
283Antony Gilbert Butler STANLEY Conservative Party Candidate
322Gillian Esme SUMMERS Conservative Party Candidate
489 Steve WILLIAMS (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Turnout (%): 35.72

Bridport South:

Votes Candidate Description
490 Geoffrey James ACKERMAN (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
367 Ian Richard BARK (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
382 Dave BOLWELL (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
294 Nick BOOTHROYD Labour Party
370 Sandra Ann BROWN (Elected)Conservative Party Candidate
304Derek Raymond BUSSELLConservative Party Candidate
286 Lucy CAMPBELL Labour Party
554 Kelvin Charles CLAYTON (Elected) Green Party
243Mark GAGELabour Party
257 Jennifer Mary GLADWIN-WHITE Conservative Party Candidate
253 David HART Labour Party
548  Karen HUNT (Elected)Green Party
390 Barry IRVINE (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
265Karen MACKAY Labour Party
264Frances Kathleen MCKENZIE Conservative Party Candidate
438 Dave RICKARD (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
245Barbara Lynn VOUSDENConservative Party Candidate
481 Sarah WILLIAMS (Elected) Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Turnout (%): 33.99


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