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Many organisations are supporting hosts and guests in the Bridport area.  The main ones are:

  • UK Government (Home Office) – has overall responsibility for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, and is coordinating expressions of interest from potential hosts.  Click here to register your interest.  They are also responsible for processing visa applications.  The government has not provided any direct contact information.
  • Dorset Council – responsible for a number of statutory and other services, including housing, education and public health.  They will deal with accommodation standards/inspections, DBS checks, the £350 per month optional payment for hosts/£200 one-off payment to guests, school admissions, certain specialist service referrals such as mental health and social care, and relationship breakdowns between hosts and guests.  Click here for more information, or contact Dorset Council on 01305 221000 or by email – [email protected].
  • Help and Kindness – a voluntary organisation based in Dorchester and engaged by Dorset Council, is gathering together a list of local groups and networks providing a range of help and support to those arriving. This includes translation services, activities and events, practical support with clothes, toys and other items, social and psychological services, food, and hospitality.  Visit the Help and Kindness website for more information or telephone 01305 595958, or email [email protected].  They also provide a welcome guide, a list of contacts for localised refugee support groups in Dorset, and a discussion forum (you need to contact them to join) to exchange information with others from across Dorset.
  • Bridport & District Citizens Advice – provides advice and information on welfare benefits, employment, housing issues, relationship problems, and legal matters.  Visit the Citizens Advice Dorset website, or contact them by phone on 0800 144 8848, or email [email protected].
  • Bridport Town Council – we are acting as the local support contact for the Bridport area, giving information on local services and on living in the area, providing links to local community groups, and hosting a social media forum for hosts/guests.  Call 01308 456722 (ask for Will Austin, Town Clerk) or email [email protected].  We have also launched a closed Facebook group at for hosts and guests only, with support available from a member of the Bridport Refugee Support Campaign.  The aim is to provide a private space for hosts and guests to discuss and share information.  Please do not request to join unless you are either a registered host in the Bridport area, or a guest.
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