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A topic of concern identified by the Working Group is the apparent shortfall in NHS subsidised dental provision in the Bridport (and west Dorset) area, especially for new patients.  This project set out to clarify the current position regarding NHS dental provision locally.  The intent is that this will enable the Group to consider whether member organisations can do anything to alleviate concerns, whilst recognising that changing NHS policy, resources, etc is well beyond its control.

Specific objectives agreed for the project were:

  • To understand which local practices currently offer NHS dental services and whether any have capacity to take on more NHS-subsidised patients;
  • To understand what the barriers are to local practices providing or expanding their offer of NHS dental services;
  • To find out whether any NHS dental service provision caters for vulnerable groups in the area, such as those with a learning disability or the homeless;
  • To find out what, if any, other NHS dental services are delivered in the local area, for example preventative services at schools.

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