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Mayor calls for a gathering and one minute’s silence to reflect on Srebrenica genocide and inhumanity across the world.

Cllr Anne Rickard, Bridport Town Mayor, invites everyone to gather in Bucky Doo Square on Tuesday 11th July at 10.45am, and will ask for one minute’s silence at 11am followed by a short speech.

She says, “I am sure I share the horror and sadness of everyone, caused by inhumanity, cruelty and suffering that exists everywhere.  11th July is Srebrenica Memorial Day, the EU designated day to remember the 22nd anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. Bridport has had a special connection with Srebrenica since our young people have exchanged visits, made good friends and worked on some remarkable projects together.  “

“However, whilst we will of course be thinking of that genocide, I want to suggest we extend our thoughts to those who have suffered, and are still suffering in so many ways, not only in Srebrenica, but here and all over the world.  Awful things are happening to people every day which are easy to put to the back of our minds if we are not personally involved – maybe this is our internal ‘protection’ – but their hurt continues, and if we forget their suffering, we don’t move forward to better times for all.”

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