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Streetscape & Heritage Interpretation Study

Streetscape & Heritage Interpretation Study


Streetscape & Heritage Interpretation Study

A brief is available from Bridport Town Council detailing a Streetscape and Heritage Interpretation Study.

Brief for Streetscape & Interpretation Study

This brief sets out the requirements for a combined streetscape and heritage interpretation study that will, alongside the Access & Movement Study,  inform and guide future investment in the centre of Bridport. Output from the study will also be used to inform and shape the first review of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan.

Submissions in response to the brief are welcome with a closing date of Friday 1st April 2022.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

BANP Project 01

A study is required to set out actions to create a visually integrated, uncluttered and fully accessible streetscape for the main retail streets in the town centre taking into account necessary resting places, pedestrian safety, access for those with mobility issues and the needs of people with disabilities.

The study should explore the idea of defining and branding distinct ‘quarters’, identifying and suitably interpreting the special and distinct heritage assets of the centre of Bridport. The study will need to involve extensive consultation with the wider community, especially traders and businesses.

BANP Project 03

A strategy is required to define, guide and plan the heritage interpretation activities across the neighbourhood plan area. The strategy will draw on the output from Project 01 and require extensive consultation with local parishes, voluntary groups and statutory agencies.


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