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How Well Do You Know Your Bridport Heritage?

How Well Do You Know Your Bridport Heritage?

Bridport Town Council


Putting the Bridport Streetscapes & Heritage Interpretation Study into Action, Summer 2023.

Media Release

Bridport Town Council has opened a consultation on 3 new heritage walking routes and asking people to identify local heritage assets along the routes that might be suitable for inclusion in 6 downloadable podcasts.

The consultation on the selected routes stems from the  Bridport Streetscape & heritage Interpretation study that was completed in the autumn 2022. The three proposed routes are:

  • An Urban Heritage Loop,
  • A Rivers Route, and
  • An Outer Green Route.

Alongside the consultation on the proposed routes we are asking local people to propose heritage or nature ‘stopping points’ along the routes where a waymarking element might be valuable to bring awareness of something that is of interest or part of the Bridport story. Later in 2023 the Council is hoping to sponsor production of 6 downloadable heritage podcasts that will launch the 3 new routes and be available to inform locals and visitors about aspects of Bridport nature and culture.

The consultation is open until August 30th 2023 and details can be found by visiting:

Streetscape & Heritage Interpretation Study – Bridport Town Council (

The study now forms an important element of the Bridport Investment Plan that is being used to secure funding for a range of local initiatives, including a bespoke heritage and interpretation system.

For more information about the work on the Streetscapes and Heritage Interpretation project contact: [email protected]



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