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Roundabout Magic

As a child growing up in the 1960s ‘The Magic Roundabout’ was a daily highlight of my TV viewing bur the offbeat adventures of Dylan, Dougal, Ermintrude, Brian, Mr Rusty and of course Zebedee are nothing compared to the ongoing…

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Bridport Cohousing

In a field adjacent to Bridport Hospital there is something very exciting happening. Groundbreaking is a term used to describe all manner of innovations but on this occasion what is happening is truly ground breaking because emerging from the broken…

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Food and Water

On Saturday I had the pleasure of officially declaring open the Bridport Food Fair and the new water fountain in Bucky Doo Square. At both events I was joined by our wonderful Town Crier John Collingwood who as always wowed…

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Bridport Business Awards 2021

It was an absolute privilege and pleasure to attend the Bridport Business Awards 2021. Like everything else over the past year plus the awards were impacted upon by the Covid pandemic. Launched on the 11th November the Awards were due…

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